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YouTube Help

This page is here to help you access the Mid-week Prayer Podcasts. We want these to be available for the church family but because we are including matters for prayer from the church family we do not want these to be available to everyone on the internet.

This means they will only work if you are signed in to Google (YouTube) using an account linked to the email address we have on our church records. 

Step 1. Try to play the podcast.

Step 2. Check if you are signed in to Google.

Step 3. Create a Google account.

Step 4. Modify your Google account.

It's possible the email address we are using isn't linked to your Google account, and it will need to be added as an "alternative email".

Step 5. Final Options

If you still don't have access to the video here are some final options :

Step 6. If you cannot use a Google account.

At the moment a Google account is required to play these videos. If you genuinely cannot use a Google account we may be able to arrange access using Microsoft Stream instead, but we will be prioritising the use of Google (YouTube) and will only manage to do this if and when time permits.