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Rights Respecting Setting Award (RRSA)

We have completed the UNCRC Rights Respecting Setting Award (RRSA) Level 1 and have received re-accreditation.  We are committed in continuing to implement all aspects of the RRSA ethos in our setting.
The aim of the award is to develop practice which is demonstrated through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
Through our involvement in the RRSA award, we have a toy cuddly unicorn called, Helpful Harri.  Helpful Harri supports the children to develop understanding of how to care and respect each other, how to respect Playgroup's equipment and resources and to evaluate how thy are feeling. This award also supports the children to make independent decisions and discuss how to diffuse conflicts.  Children also make and sign up to a charter, with five simple rules, supporting and enabling them to understand how to respect each other. 

Smile Award LogoSmile Award

We have an accreditation called the "Smile Award" which promotes "healthy teeth make happy smiles".  Healthy teeth are important to help children eat, talk and smile with confidence, but teeth are damaged by what they eat and drink.  In promoting healthy foods, with no added sugar, little or no salt, and low in saturated fat we support children to have a balanced diet and tooth friendly diet. In our School Preparation group, children brush their teeth after their snack.  This is an initiative we are considering implementing throughout the whole setting, in due course.

RHS Garden Award

We participate in the RHS Gardening Award with a raised garden for the children to plant fruit and vegetables.  In previous years, the children have grown vegetables,  harvested them and made vegetable soup.  Children understand the importance of preparing the soil,  how to care for the plants, understand the growth cycle and how to harvest their food.