Limes Avenue Baptist Church

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Lovely comments received from parents regarding our Ofsted inspection in January 2018:-

"We didn't expect any less and the guides for outstanding are just nit picking.  I know how stressful Ofsted is.  So, well done, and we think you are outstanding!

"Well done for getting a "good".  Personally, we think they have been rather harsh, as to us, you are OUTSTANDING!  We would have trouble finding anywhere else as well run, where the staff all care and the children are happy and supported.  Thanks again for all you do"

"Fabulous! Well done all of you."


"Huge thanks for a very special group of ladies.  Chats at the door, a friendly "how are you", talking me through the many stages. I feel so blessed to have you in my little girls life"

"You have looked after my children in such a loving, caring way.  You have made them feel safe and happy".