Limes Avenue Baptist Church

Where Christ Makes The Difference

Sermons - James

This is a series preached in the mornings from October 2011


James 1v1-4 - Trials and Temptations

James 1v5-8 - Faithfully ask God for wisdom in trials

James 1v9-12 - The crown of life

James 1v13-15 - Giving birth to sin

James 1v15-18 - Every good and perfect gift

James 1v19-27 - Do what it says

James 1v22-2v13 - Don't Show Favouritism

James 2v14-26 - Faith and deeds - part 1

James 2v18-26 - Faith and deeds - part 2 - The pulse of works that proves you have living faith

James 3v1-12 - Taming the tongue

James 3v13-18 - Two kinds of wisdom

James 3v13-4v12 - Come near to God

James 4v13-17 - What is your life?

James 5v1-11 - Weep and wail because a love of self and wealth leads to misery

James 5v7-12 - Patience

James 5v13-16 - The Lord will raise him up

James 5v13-20 - Prayer is powerful and effective

James 5v13-20 - Repentance, reconciliation, restoration