Limes Avenue Baptist Church

Where Christ Makes The Difference

Phoebe’s Testimony


I became a Christian in 2003.  It was a time in my life when I thought I just needed to make a few adjustments here and there to find purpose – change my job, buy a car, acquire a boyfriend etc. 

But one morning I walked past a church building on my way to work and there was a notice outside, giving details of their lunchtime talks, which read: ‘Walk With God’. Something within me knew, without a doubt, that was what I needed to do.

I went to that church each week without fail to listen to the Bible being read and taught. I didn’t understand much but knew that what I heard was relevant, important and directed specifically at me. The church organised a Christianity Explored course, giving us the opportunity to read, study and pull to pieces the gospel of Mark, one of the books in the Bible. 

On that course God revealed to me that I was a sinner – a criminal, a rebel against God’s goodness and authority – and that as a criminal I would be punished eternally.  He also revealed to me that Jesus IS exactly who he claims to be – the Son of God, God in the flesh. The amazing news is that because of his tremendous love for me, Jesus suffered the punishment I deserved, so that I could go free.  Jesus died on that cross as my substitute and was wonderfully raised from the dead, so that I could be put right with God. 

From that moment on I knew that Jesus was still alive, that he is my God and Saviour, and had the right to rule my life.  So I acknowledged that I was a sinner, asked God for his forgiveness and handed my life over to him. 

My life and my perspective changed completely.  New circumstances and people came into my life, whilst old ones disappeared.  A few of my friends freaked out or mocked me when I told them, but they now recognise that although I’m still Phoebe I’m not the same person – and I’m grateful to God that that’s the case!  Fears and doubts about who I am, why I’m alive, where I’m going after death no longer haunt me.  My future is certain because the Lord Jesus Christ has rescued my soul and invites me to walk with him.