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Penny’s Testimony

Penny“Are you a Christian?” I was asked by a Youth leader as he gave me a lift to a barbeque being held one Saturday evening back in the seventies.

“Yes”, I replied nervously.  I was a very shy teenager and had never been asked this kind of a question before.  I had always believed in God, and went to Sunday school and church as a child.  I tried to be good and kind.  I always made sure I said my prayers before I went to sleep at night, just in case something should happen to me before I woke in the morning.  Surely these things made me a Christian didn’t they? 

Looking back, I realise this was perhaps the point where I started to doubt that simply going to church or belief in God was what made me, or anyone, a Christian.

 I had been going to a different church from my parents on Sunday evenings, with new friends I had made at school.  Here I began to learn that I needed to have all my wrong thoughts and actions forgiven.  I began to understand that the Bible teaches that when Jesus died on the cross, he took the punishment for all these sins of mine and that it was only through trusting in Him that I could be accepted by God. 

As I listened to the sermon, one Sunday evening in 1972, it seemed as if the Pastor was talking only to me.  I realised that I needed to know Jesus personally as my saviour in order that I might have peace with God and live with Him forever when I died.  That evening I asked Jesus to forgive me for all of the sins I had done.  That was the day I truly became a Christian.  It was a turning point in my life.  My life has never been the same since.

Since then God has always been with me.  I have known so many answers to prayer and seen God working in my life and the lives of my husband and my three children.  He has led me and guided me and been with me through good times and times when life has been more difficult.  I know that He loves me and cares about my everyday problems and needs.  I have a purpose in my life and have peace knowing that, one day, I will be with Him in Heaven.