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Hayley's Testimony

HayleyI was not bought up in a Christian family, However there was a Sunday school at my local community centre and the pastor there did come and collect me and take me there every Sunday, but to be honest not too much of it sunk in.

Later, when I was 14 the family moved to South Benfleet in Essex. My Mum, keen for me to get out of the house, found a local youth club for me to go to on  a Friday night. This youth club happened to be run by the local Christian fellowship. I made friends with a boy at the club who encouraged me to go to church on a Sunday, I went by myself one Sunday and felt so moved by the whole experience. After that I began going every Friday and every Sunday, making many more friends and this time really drinking in every word that was preached. It dawned on me that Christ had died for me and I wanted to give my life back to Christ, I said a prayer and  a very strange feeling came over me. The very next day I woke to hear about the Zebrugge ferry disaster and all I could do was pray for the poor folks that had lost their lives.

Shortly after this I met my first boyfriend and began to rebel, I wanted to wear lots of makeup and jewellery and date whoever I liked, I went against all the teaching I had been given in the church.

This changed when in 1995, I found myself a single mother with my eldest daughter who is severely disabled. My world had totally been rocked and I found myself awake day and night with a screaming baby and had to learn to cope on my own with all her disabilities. Throughout it all though, I felt God’s presence, particularly in the times of immense tiredness or stress. I started praying quite a lot, at first it was just "please God let my child sleep!" but over time they became more meaningful.

I met my husband Leroy in 2001 and we had another daughter Scarlett, in 2006. Shortly after this we found ourselves moving to Aylesbury for better facilities and schools for our 2 daughters. It was part of this that led me to Limes Avenue Baptist Church and Little Limes. I came here in 2007 with Scarlett being 16 months old and have never left! At Christmas 2008 Scarlett was at Limes ABC playgroup and in church doing the annual nativity, this led to us coming to the church. Early 2009 I began doing a Christianity Explored course at church and this led to all my old feelings about God coming back and I re-gave my life to God as I realised I could not do life without him!

Today I owe everything to God. I got married in 2011 and 10 months later gave birth to my third daughter, Lydia. Life has its challenges being a busy Mum of three and one of my children being severely disabled, However, whatever life throws at me I know I have God by my side.