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Genesis - Make a Bottle Diver

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Make a bottle diver

Click on the picture below to see instructions with pictures


  1. Pull the bendy straw apart
  2. Bend the straw over
  3. Cut the legs off so the bendy part is a little taller than a paperclip
  4. Put the legs of the paperclip into the ends of the straw
  5. Put a small blob of plasticine on the end of the paperclip
  6. In a glass of water test to see it floats correctly
    • a) If it sinks take some plasticine off
    • b) If it floats with too much straw out of the water or on its side add a bit more plasticine
    • c) You want the top to just stick out of the water
  7. Fill a plastic bottle with water to the very top. Smaller bottles are easier to work but bigger bottles make it dive deeper.
  8. Put the top firmly on.
  9. Squeeze the bottle and the diver should dive.
    • a) If it is difficult to make it dive, try adding a little more plasticine.
    • b) If it dives to quickly take some plasticine off.