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Frances' Testimony

FrancesAs a child I went to Sunday School.  I enjoyed it, but never thought seriously about what I was taught.  There was plenty of time.  The first Christians I met consciously were at College in Birmingham.  I recognised them as different.  They'd got something that I hadn't.  I was interested but there was so much to do and I was busy enjoying life.

I started teaching in London and it was there, three years later that I became engaged to Paul.  The future looked wonderful with so much to plan for'..until he died aged 26, just a few weeks before our wedding, with a heart attack, and the bottom fell out of my world.  It was then that I started searching.  I knew there was something beyond death and there had to be meaning to life.  I finally put my trust in Jesus as my Saviour in 1972. 

My teaching career moved from London to Buckinghamshire.  I spent my last 17 years as Head Teacher in a North Bucks village school before taking early retirement in 1995.  My mother, who lived with me, was diagnosed with cancer just 6 weeks after I retired.  I'd wanted to spoil her now I'd time, but it wasn't to be.  She died just 3 weeks later.

My only sister had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for many years.  I'd watched her gradual deterioration and was now able to give her more help and support.  She died following a stroke in 1999.

During this time the friend I'd shared a home with for many years became unwell.  She grew forgetful and confused and was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  I became a full time carer with all its demands and pressures.  Life wasn't easy.  She went into Residential Care in July 2006, and I am now alone and building a new life.

Through it all there is the temptation to ask, "Why Lord?  Why does it happen to me?"  There are no easy answers but there is the  assurance that God is in control and He sees the bigger picture.  My life is held securely in His hands and daily He gives me the strength I need.  With that knowledge comes peace.  God gives me light for each step and I'll trust Him for whatever tomorrow may hold.  He hasn't let me down yet and I know He never will.