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Elsy's Testimony

ElsyI was born in the beautiful mountains of Colombia in South America! My parents are missionaries there. My mum is Colombian and my dad was born in Wisconsin, USA but raised in Colombia!

Along with my 2 siblings, we were very blessed to be brought up in a Christian environment. Although going to church didn't make me a Christian, I had the privilege of knowing that God was truly real through the life struggles of my parents. God was the one who provided for my family many times when there was nothing in the fridge and it was God’s protection in many ways that made me realize that God certainly is real!

However, just knowing God is not enough. Real life challenges came later, I struggled with the idea that maybe Christianity for me just meant my family’s tradition. I wanted to do my own thing, so when I had a bit more liberty I became an expert at lying so I could run away from home and explore in my own way. This went on until my apparently “Christian life” was challenged by both my Christian and non-Christian friends. I wanted to have the benefits of both worlds without assuming the responsibilities of following either. I thought I was doing what I really wanted to do, but I found myself doing things to please everybody else instead. I didn't want to commit to follow Jesus or anyone else, I was committed to myself and it made me miserable. In reality, I just wanted to follow my dreams on my terms, and I thought I could sort things out on my own.

Deep down in my heart I really wanted to find an answer for not believing in God. However, at the same time I was seeing how God was working and changing people’s lives; transforming them into peaceful beings filled with joy and love for Jesus, that genuine peace I had experienced before in my family’s life and so much missed! I saw change in the life of people that worked with my parents and it made me realize that I was missing out on something greater than all the stuff I was following.

It wasn't until I admitted how miserable I was and accepted my need to get serious about following Jesus. This meant giving up my dreams to God and trusting that God wants the best for me! So, I prayed; Jesus I surrender to your will for my life! I want to know you more, show me where I should go and what I should do. I stopped looking for what was best for me and seeking what was God’s plan.

God answered that prayer and took me out of the dark place I was. He changed how I saw myself and others. I’m not perfect but God is teaching me how to be true to myself and to others as I get to know Him better. In Jesus I have peace, true joy because I know that He knows my future and I can trust Him with it! I have no excuse not to believe, trust and follow Jesus who has been so real in my life and in the life of my family and the amazing people I have met!