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Dorothy’s Testimony

DorothyChrist Jesus has died.
Christ Jesus is risen.
He is alive today.
Christ Jesus is coming again. 

I state these facts, because they are a reality in my life, though this was not always the case.

I was a teenager when I gave my heart to the Lord, my Saviour and sought his forgiveness as a sinner.

I went to Boarding School in Calcutta, India and the Anglican nuns who taught were such loving and caring women.  They were very strict disciplinarians, wonderful Bible storytellers and were exceedingly zealous in the way they taught religious education.

I believed that God existed, that He had a Son who lived, died and rose again.  The reverence and example of these nuns spoke eloquently to us.  I believed all these things but not for the right reasons.  I was so absorbed with the ritual and ceremonial that I firmly believed I was a Christian.  But the living reality of these facts did not exist in my heart.  I was like the rich young ruler who was observing all the commandments as his guide to godly living.

In the school holidays I attended another church which was very different.  Instead of an atmosphere of awe and fear there was a sense of joy and enjoyment amongst the worshippers.  I learned that God is not only Holy but God is Love.  This led me to giving my heart and life into God’s care through first accepting Jesus as my Saviour, realising that He had borne my sins on the cross and it was His blood that cleanses the sinner and I was a sinner.

All this happened a long time ago and through life’s experiences I have learned some wonderful truths: