Limes Avenue Baptist Church

Where Christ Makes The Difference

Diane’s testimony

DianeAs a child I remember calling out to God and asking Him to stop my parents from arguing.  As I saw it then, He didn’t stop them, so I decided there could be no God because He didn’t answer prayers.

I therefore grew up not believing in God or not wanting to believe in Him.  But God was leading me even when I didn’t know it at the time.

I met and later married my husband who did believe in a God, but didn’t know Him as his Saviour then.  When our daughter Rebecca was born we thought it only right to give her the opportunity to make her own choice whether to believe in God or not, but we weren’t sure how to do this.

One day a member from Limes Avenue Baptist Church came to visit and invited us to come along to the church, and she said Rebecca could go to Sunday School.  This seemed to answer our problem, she would learn about God and could choose to believe it or not.

By now we had Daniel too, so we went along to church each Sunday morning, Daniel slept soundlessly through the sermons and Rebecca went to Sunday School.

God really spoke to us through these sermons and later we started to go to a “Seeking and Finding” group which also helped us to learn about our need of salvation through Jesus Christ.

I began to believe there was a God, creation spoke very loudly to me, but I just couldn’t understand what I had to do to be saved from my sins.  For a long time I prayed and asked God to show me what I had to do to be saved and forgiven. 

Then one day through Matthew 14:28 God showed me that His son Jesus Christ had done it all when He took our sins upon Himself at the cross and that He rose again that we might be forgiven.  All I could do was to trust Him and have faith in Him.

I felt great joy as I realised it had all been done for me and for others when we just accept what Christ has done for us when He went to the cross.

I thank God for every step in my life as I can now see God’s leading throughout my life to bring me to himself.  God continues to teach us and lead us every day in our lives even when we don’t understand what He is doing at them time.