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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)



The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) was implemented in 2008 and revised with effect from April 2017.  Playgroup follow and use this curriculum.  

Policies and Procedures

Please see policies available in the vestibule

Please note especially:- Safeguarding/Child Protection, Behaviour, British Values, Confidentiality, Lock Down Policy, Complaints policy, Non collection of child policy and Missing child policy.

Please see our Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy and Operation Plan for details as to how we support children with SEN or disabilities. 


Examples of the types of activities provided for the children 

Painting, Drawing and Craft 
Children can paint freely choosing their own colours.  They are not limited to the number of paintings they do.  Crayons, felt tip pens, chalk, pastels, etc. are available for the children to use.  They have opportunity to do different crafts, use scissors, draw or complete activity sheets.  We have self selection units to support the children’s growing independence.

Water is offered each session.  Aprons are provided to keep the children dry.  Water play has many facets to extending learning and developing existing knowledge, for example, pouring, splashing, dripping, learning about weight and volume.

This, too, is available each session.  The sand toys are changed frequently and the sand will be wet on occasions to enhance further learning and extend play potential.

Books are always available for the children to peruse on their own or to be read to by an adult.  Books are changed frequently and are relevant to our topics.

The children are encouraged to use, respect and appreciate musical instruments.  They will learn basic rhythms and be able to experiment with sound.  They will be encouraged to listen and move to music.

Physical Activity
We can use the downstairs hall and garden daily where a large variety of equipment is used.

Role Play Corner
The role play corner is set up to encourage a cosy home feeling, to encourage pretend play.  Dressing up is available nearby, as well as dolls and pushchairs.  Our role play corner has been made into a shop, greengrocers, chemist, police station, hospital, garden centre, workshop, Chinese and Indian takeaway and beach to name a few.

Table top toys
We offer a wide range of equipment that is rotated frequently, additionally, we encourage the children to choose what activities they would like out.  They can vocalise their choices or use our choosing book. Daily they vote for the floor toy that they want. A few examples of table top toys:- shape sorters, threading toys, play dough, dolls house, dinosaurs, farm and zoo animals.  We also use these tables for cooking activities.      

When using the dough, children learn to share, use their fine manipulative skills, extend their language acquisition, use appropriate tools and learn about mass.
We have a large variety of puzzles for each stage of learning and devlopment.

Other activities 
These include:- clay, gloop, slime, large scale mark making, games, computer, floor toys (i.e. brio) etc

Food and Drink provided for the children
Refreshments will be provided during the session.  Milk or water will be offered for drink.  We offer a wide variety of snacks i.e. fruit, raw vegetables, biscuits, cheese, bread, foods from around the world, making our own sandwiches etc.

OFSTED Contact Details

Parents are always able to speak to or express concerns etc. directly to OFSTED.
National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Tel: 03001231231

More information can be accessed via the DfE website, or Bucks County Council Early Years website.