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Key Person System

A happy introduction to Playgroup is most important.  It may be beneficial for both you and your child to make several short visits to Playgroup before leaving your child on their own.  However, many children separate quickly from their carer.  Each child is individual and will be treated as such.

We use the key person system within our Playgroup.  The aim of the key person system is to support the child to have a strong attachment and relationship to one person, enabling the child to have confidence to explore and blossom in their preschool environment.

The key person system involves each key person (staff member) having responsibility for a small group of children.  The key person works alongside parents to learn more about their child and then plan for the child's individual needs to be met.  Part of the key person's job is to observe the child regularly and we will ask your permission to do this.

Through interaction, observations etc with the child, the key person will then put together individual targets using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)Framework.  Key person and parents will work closely throughout the child's time in Playgroup.  The key person will collate all the information into your child key file.  You can take these files home termly (and then return them) or ask at any time to see it.

If you have any questions about this system please feel free to approach a member of staff to discuss it.