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Little Limes is our lively toddler group which meets on Friday mornings 10am until 11:30am during the school terms.

We aim to provide a safe and friendly place where mums, dads and grandparents can enjoy a cuppa and chat with others while caring for their babies or watching their children play.

                                                                                                             Email us at: littlelimesLABC@gmail.com

Please note that because of the popularity of this group, we no longer register childminders or au-pairs.

For more information email us atlittlelimesLABC@gmail.com


    What happens at Little Limes?

    Doors open at 10am when the coffee/tea is brewed and ready to go. 

    Parents and carers can enjoy a chat while the children play and then at 11:15am we have a little singsong before saying goodbye at 11:30am. 

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    Notable Dates for Little Limes 

    Watch this Space!

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    Older children? See here for details of activities for older children


     "Its great to be able to meet other mums who have also struggled with sleepless nights and to have a cup of coffee made for you - all while my child is enjoying playing!"