About Playgroup


We are a small friendly playgroup, and welcome all children aged 2 to 5 years. 

We can accept up to 23 children in a session.  This group size enables us to get to know the children well, scaffold their learning and build their confidence. 

The majority of paid staff are committed Christians and attend Limes Avenue Baptist Church.  We all have many positive ideas and valuable contributions to bring to playgroup and we work very effectively together.  Our staff regularly attend training courses and Early Years meetings.

Playgroup Aims

We believe playgroup should be a happy environment with as much freedom of choice as possible, opportunities to make a noise, get into a mess, join in or sit and watch. 

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and learn to:

Play and socialise with other children

Trust new adults

Experiment with a range of equipment, activities and use their own ideas

Express themselves in different ways

Use language and maths in every day situations

Listen to stories

Be independent


Opening Times

Half day sessions are:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   9.15am to 11.45am 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  11.45pm to 2.15pm

Full day sessions are:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   9.15am to 2.15pm 



We receive Government funding for two, three and four year olds.
 For children under three, please contact us for current fees.          

Contact Us

You can email us at  limesabcplaygroup@yahoo.co.uk
Phone us on 07784 828104

or visit us at

Limes Avenue Baptist Church
Limes Avenue
HP21 7HE